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How to ask to be paid what you’re worth: 5 phrases everyone should memorize

One of the most important conversations you’ll ever have to learn to have successfully, whether working for someone else or yourself, is how to ask to be paid what you’re worth. This is also, obviously, one of the most difficult types of “asks” to master, but it doesn’t have to be! 

Nationally recognized women’s business leader Shannan Monson joined us today to share why it’s so vital to be able to ask to be paid what you’re worth and how to do it with steal-worthy phrases and in multiple different common situations. 

Top 5 things she’s learned in 10 years:

Situation #1:

When someone asks you to work extra without extra compensation.


Thanks for the opportunity, I’d love to work with you even more beyond our initial scope and help you bring these ideas to life! What did you have in mind for compensation?

Situation #2

When you’re exceeding expectations and goals but not being paid more.


Over the past XX months I’ve worked closely with teammates to (insert goals or responsibilities you’ve achieved). I’d like to discuss a salary increase that reflects these additional roles and responsibilities.

Situation #3:

When someone asks you to work for free or for way too cheap…


Out of respect for you and this project, I’m not able to offer discounted services. Let’s discuss your top priority so we can work creatively within your budget to create the highest quality result!

Situation #4

When someone compares you to someone who costs less/is cheaper 


In my experience it’s worth the investment to receive additional (discuss the added value that comes with what you provide here). However, if cost saving is your biggest priority, I understand if you choose XYZ (your competitor they mentioned before). 

Situation #5

When someone says you used to cost less, why are you more now?


The price before was reflective of my expertise and experience at that time. I’m excited to (X additional skills, experience, credentials) to the project!

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