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How to become a ‘Granfluencer’

As 70 million baby boomers retire, many are embracing new roles as volunteers, making a critical difference in their communities. Joining us to discuss the importance of volunteerism is Atalaya Sergi, Director of AmeriCorps Seniors, and Charlotte Simpson, a volunteer, blogger, and popular “granfluencer” known as ‘The Traveling Black Widow.’ Atalaya and Charlotte shed light on the significance of being a “granfluencer” volunteer and how this spirit of volunteering inspires AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers.

Charlotte explains that being a “granfluencer” volunteer means using her platform as a blogger and influencer to promote volunteerism and inspire others, particularly older adults, to get involved. Atalaya shares that this volunteering spirit is at the core of AmeriCorps Seniors, inspiring their volunteers to make meaningful contributions and positively impact their communities. Charlotte got involved with volunteering because she felt a deep desire to give back and make a difference. AmeriCorps Seniors offers various programs that cater to different interests and skills, providing opportunities for older adults to engage in volunteer work that aligns with their passions.

For Charlotte, volunteering has brought immense joy and fulfillment, transforming her life and allowing her to connect with others on a deeper level. Atalaya emphasizes that volunteering with AmeriCorps Seniors not only benefits the communities being served but also offers personal growth, social connections, and the chance to leave a lasting legacy. For more information on volunteering with AmeriCorps Seniors and becoming part of this impactful movement, interested individuals can visit their website.

The conversation highlights the power of volunteering, showcasing how older adults like Charlotte are making a significant impact through their selfless contributions. With the support of organizations like AmeriCorps Seniors, the retirement years become an opportunity to give back, create connections, and continue making a positive difference in the world.