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How to create an elevated 4th of July picnic with Indy Spot Picnics

If you’re planning an outdoor picnic for the 4th of July, we gathered some tips to elevate your experience! Allison Davidson and Katelyn Broadus from Indy Spot Picnics joined us on “Life.Style.Live!” to share little things that can make a big difference to your picnic! Here is how to elevate your at-home picnic:

  • Fill baskets with games, books, sunscreen, bug spray, corkscrews, or bubbles.
  • Add flowers to your picnic, you can even use cuttings from your own yard.
  • Make or order a fancy charcuterie board. Also, having desserts in wine glasses adds a fun, yet functional, touch!
  • Drink sparkling water or bring a nice bottle of wine with an ice bucket.
  • Use actual glassware for wine glasses or water glasses.
  • Avoid paper napkins, plastic cutlery, or paper plates and opt for nice flatware, dishes, and linens.
  • Use blankets, pillows, and quilts to give the picnic a warm feeling. You can even add an air mattress underneath if you won’t be using a table.
  • Use your coffee table and cover it with linens for a low picnic-style table. You can also use trays for guests to eat on.
  • Go big or go home with candles, vases, photos, and other decorations.

The duo from Indy Spot Picnics also gave tips on styling your picnic with things like color-coordinating plates, using bold colors or neutral colors with pops of bright colors, using colorful flowers, and more.

If DIY-ing a picnic isn’t for you, Indy Spot Picnics has you covered. They offer luxury picnic setups in people’s homes, backyards, local parks, Fishers Flower Farm, Urban Vines Winery, Rust & Honey Studio, and more. The company can do everything from corporate events, backyard movie nights, gender reveal parties, bridal showers, engagements, anniversary, and date nights!

Get in touch with Indy Spot Picnics on their website and follow them on Instagram.