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How to help communities in need of masks

Here We Grow Again owners and their kids have jumped to help support local families and medical staff if a different way. They are sewing masks!

Katie Awwad found a post on her neighborhood Facebook group looking for extra hands to sew! She pulled out her sewing machine from the garage and with the help of her kids sewed 20 masks in two days! From there, between the owners, they have made over 160 masks to donate to essential workers and the Sew and Serve group.

Katie says, “This has been a good way to feel like we are helping in this strange time! It’s been a good distraction. I have loved teaching my kids how to sew and the good they are doing! The kids have loved helping and knowing they are needed during this time. Kids need to feel important right! ”

There is more help needed! Sew and Serve needs 31,666 more masks to help with local requests! As a group, they have just passed the 30,000 masks donated request this week. You are needed! Even if you can’t sew there are donations of elastic, material, thread, gallon bags, and non-sewing help!

Kids can still help! They can cut t-shirt ties, sew, match 9x7s, iron, clip threads and more, being part of the team at whatever age.

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