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How to keep cycling during the Coronavirus pandemic

You can enjoy bicycling outdoors while still practicing health safety relating to Coronavirus, Anthony Barr, Mobile Cyclist tells us how.

Just observe some basic practices and tips to minimize
spreading the virus.

  • HOW to Ride to stay safe and keep others safe
  • WHO to ride with, if you don’t want to ride
  • WHERE to ride, to maximize enjoyment and safety
  • HOW to keep your bike tuned to enjoy riding

How to Ride/Who to Ride With

  • Always maintain a minimum of 6 feet from walkers you bypass while riding
  • If you encounter other Riders, increase 10-15 feet  / others likely expelling vapor at greater distance
  • Riding solo is most recommended during this time of the virus.
  • If you want to ride with others, ride with members of your immediate household
  • Avoid Riding with anyone outside your immediate family, No Group Rides (for now)

Where to Ride: 

Avoid:  “Confined Space” Trails, similar to Monon Trail for a couple of reasons:

  • Usually very crowded
  • Difficult to maintain a minimum 6 feet distance, limited “bailout” areas

Do Ride:

Local Neighborhoods:     

  • Please respect the space of others, give plenty of room take alternative paths if possible
  • When approaching walkers, give wider berth, even if you need to go off the path for a moment.

Local Area Parks:

  • Seek Larger Parks with larger land space to enable proper social distancing
  • Avoid or limit your access to public restrooms or water fountains

Public Roads

  • Some rural roads have less automobile traffic
  • Maintain proper bicycle safety with lights, bike
    radar if possible

How to Keep Your Bike Serviced

  • While closed to foot traffic, many local area
    bike shops offer curbside drop-off & pickup
  • Some offer Mobile Service (come to you)
  • Call local bike shops to confirm details

As Always:

  • Practice Basic Bicycle Safety no matter who, when or where you are riding!
  • If you are riding Solo, take a Smartphone or GPS enabled watch that can allow tracking by family
  • Avoid high speed and/or technical bike trails – You want to avoid a hospital visits, especially now

For more information on health related/coronavirus topics, please seek a physician’s advice or visit

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