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How to keep your dog safe in hot weather

(WISH Photo)

Darcie Kurtz, the Executive Director of Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO), joined us to share valuable insights about caring for outdoor dogs during hot weather. With her trusty companion Jefferson by her side, a friendly 30-pound mixed breed, Darcie shared her passion for FIDO’s mission. Founded in 2005, FIDO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of outdoor dogs by advocating for alternatives to continuous chaining and encouraging owners to bring their canine companions inside as part of the family. They provide vital resources and support for owners willing to collaborate in improving their dogs’ well-being, a cause that resonates with dog lovers everywhere.

During the segment, hosts delved into crucial questions. First, they explored local animal ordinances related to keeping pets safe during hot weather, raising awareness about the importance of adhering to these guidelines for the well-being of outdoor dogs. Next, they discussed who people should contact if they require assistance in caring for their own outdoor dogs, highlighting the community support FIDO provides. Lastly, the segment addressed concerns about dogs left outside in extreme heat, emphasizing the importance of alerting the appropriate authorities to ensure the safety of these animals. Darcie Kurtz’s appearance on the show served as a reminder of the collective responsibility to protect and care for our four-legged friends, especially during challenging weather conditions.