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How to make hamburger patties and Keto quesadilla burgers

Jason Michael Thomas, the founder of Urban Awareness Gardens, joined us on camera to share his expertise in the culinary world. In the first segment, Jason demonstrates how to make flavorful hamburger patties infused with onions, garlic, spices, and more. Surprisingly, Jason’s girlfriend, Bella, claims that many people are unaware of this essential skill, which sparks his desire to share his knowledge and enlighten viewers. By showcasing the art of crafting hamburger patties, Jason aims to empower individuals with the ability to create delicious homemade burgers.

Moving on to the second segment, Jason takes his burger creation to the next level by introducing a mouthwatering twist. He combines the best of two worlds, transforming a simple burger into a melty, cheesy, crispy quesadilla burger. The quesadilla acts as a flavorful vessel, encasing the juicy patty, and adding an extra layer of deliciousness to the already tantalizing burger experience. To learn more about Jason’s culinary adventures and explore his creations, you can visit his social media page at