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How to preserve your financial portfolio in an unstable market

Although no one has a crystal ball, when you have inflation over 8% and interest rates at all-time highs, it can be a recipe for a financial recession. When the stock market drops, as it has in recent weeks, it can cause financial worry and stress for many people.

Alex Joyce, President and CEO of ReJoyce Financial, joined us today to discuss the market and how to navigate it.

Joyce said that the easiest part of the market is getting out, but the hardest part is getting back in. As a financial planning firm, ReJoyce Financial recommends planning first and investing later. If you have a plan and your risk tolerance is appropriate for this market volatility, Joyce recommends adjusting to the plan and not to the stock market drop. Watch the video above for more details about financial planning in a difficult market.

ReJoyce Financial takes a wholistic approach to your finances, and there’s no time like the present to consider professional advice. Information on financial planning is available at the ReJoyce Financial website or by calling 317-903-0517.