How to prevent your child from getting homesick at summer camp

Soon kids will be headed off to summer camp, and it may be the first time they’ve spent more than one night away from home. Child psychologist Dr. Erin Leonard shares some tips for keep homesickness at bay.

If you are sending your child to an over night camp…home sickness is normal…talking to them about that is important.”

Tips for Dr. Leonard:

  • Have them pick out two transitional objects– just in case one gets lost, and preferable not jewelry or anything that can get lost in the water.
  • Encourage them to talk to a friend about it. Sometimes peer support is the quickest and most important remedy. The other child can help get them involved in an activity that will take their mind off of it.
  • Have them compile a play list of their 5 most fun, upbeat, empowering songs that they can play for themselves when they are down.
  • Bring a book of Mandalas that they can color and ask friends to color with them.
  • Write them a letter they can open if they do get homesick.
  • Ask that if they do get homesick, they wait a couple hours to see if it passes. It usually does.

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