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How to prioritize your health during ‘National Wellness Month’

(WISH Photo)

We’re celebrating “National Wellness Month,” reminding everyone to prioritize their health and well-being during this busy time. Joining us today is the esteemed Dr. Yael Varnado, affectionately known as “Dr. V,” a TV personality and practicing physician at Johns Hopkins. As the founder of “Get Checked Four Life,” Dr. V joined us to share her valuable insights and inspiration for achieving wellness.

We discussed a few important topics, including Dr. V’s top tip for National Wellness Month, and how we can make healthy habits a part of our daily lives. Additionally, with hectic schedules, finding time to relax is often a challenge. How crucial is relaxation in achieving wellness goals, and what are some effective ways to incorporate it into our routines? Dr. V has all the answers.

As we aim to cover various aspects of wellness, let’s not forget about men’s health. Dr. V, shared valuable hygiene tips specifically for men’s well-being and exercise recommendations to keep us active and healthy.

To learn more about National Wellness Month and to follow Dr. V’s expert advice, make sure to watch the full interview above and visit “Get Checked Four Life” for additional information. Let’s all prioritize our health and wellness as we navigate the busy days ahead!