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How to stay connected with coworkers, family during the COVID-19 crisis

How strange is it to not see the people you love for over a month? These are the people who help you feel calm and supported. Our Sunday family dinners are canceled. Easter snuck by without a hug from our relatives and we all are feeling the grind of weeks and weeks of isolation.   

We can only do so many phone calls and Zoom meetings. How can we make the most of them and actually feel more connected after? Lindsay Boccardo, Generational Consultant and Millennial Career Coach explains some methods you can use to stay connected.

Let’s talk about how you can check in with your coworkers and family members:  

1. Ask a NEW question:  

Instead of “how are you?” here are some other questions you can ask: 

  • What animal would best describe you right now? 
  • What could I do that would make you smile today? 

2. Acknowledge and Validate someone you are checking in on (who might be in a totally different scenario than you).

  • It makes perfect sense that you’re feeling that way given this situation. 
  • That scenario sounds really challenging.
  • It sounds like you’re doing the best you can right now 

3. Get creative about connecting  

  • Put on a talent show for your family over FaceTime (sometimes more conversations are tiring) 
  • Go through old scrapbooks and send pictures to your childhood friends (nostalgia is really powerful) 
  • Send local business gift cards with a note that says “can’t wait to have breakfast together at Patachou after this is over! First omelet is on me!”  

Humans are resilient, social and creative. If you can bring some fresh questions, be ready to acknowledge and validate others and get creative over distance, you’ll find more of the connection we are all craving.  

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