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How to stop emotional eating

With all the stress and worry we’re feeling right now during COVID-19, it’s easy to turn to food to “feel better.” So as a wellness and life coach, Ashleigh Di Lello, is sharing two steps you can do to not fall victim to emotional eating during this time! 

Step one:

Next time you feel strong urges to eat when you’re not necessarily hungry, pay close attention to your body’s signals, your environment and your emotional state. Step back and ask: What am I actually looking to fulfill in this moment?

So much of our eating habits aren’t even about food, but what we believe food can bring us in that moment. Increasing your self-awareness and keeping track of it will help you learn to identify an emotional need versus a physically need.

Step two:

Take proactive control of your emotions without using food. Whether you’re seeking connection, comfort, or stress relief, what else can you do in that moment to feel better?


Call a family member or friend   

Exercise or go for a walk

Take a break, rest and breathe

Read a book or watch
something funny

Each time you can do something
to fulfill your emotions, you help reprogram your brain to look for other
things than food to feel better.  

That’s why Ashleigh is offering her 30-Day Food Freedom Revolution course, normally $299, for just $10 during this time, to help you have food freedom now!  

You will also receive two bonuses for free: a 30-day Progress Journal and The Food Freedom Nutrition (her full nutrition plan).  

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