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I Love to Read: Author Mari Sanders discusses new book ‘My Invisible Tiara’

Regain your Confidence

Mari Sanders, an author, speaker, and coach, recently published her book and workbook, “My Invisible Tiara.” Sanders will be giving away one copy of her book set during her upcoming webinar on August 25. The book set, available for purchase at $33 plus shipping and handling through Amazon, comes with an invitation to the webinar and access to the My Invisible Tiara Book Party Facebook group.

Sanders explained her motivation behind writing the book, stating, “I wanted to create something that empowers women to recognize their inner strength and potential.” The book and accompanying workbook aim to help women build self-confidence and find personal fulfillment.

Originally from Carmel, Indiana, Sanders has a diverse background in real estate and is a mother of three sons and one stepdaughter. She recently discovered her passion for writing and plans to publish four more self-help books, which she describes as “deeper than self-help, possibly self-change.”

Sanders emphasizes community engagement and has created a supportive environment for her readers through her Facebook page and upcoming travel club. “I’m very excited to begin receiving pictures from women wearing their tiaras,” she said, highlighting the interactive nature of her work.

In addition to her writing, Sanders is deeply committed to mental health. Her next book will focus on reducing the suicide rate and finding ways to alleviate pain. “Mental health is a subject very close to my heart,” she said.

Sanders’ books and additional information about her projects can be found on her website,

For those interested in her work, the book and workbook set can be purchased now, and buyers will gain access to exclusive content and community events.