Impact 100’s Greater Indianapolis 15th Annual Awards Celebration benefiting local nonprofits goes virtual

15th Annual Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis Awards Celebration will be held virtually for the first time on July 14th at 7 p.m. Five finalists were named on June 16th and will compete for the $100,000 grant.

Julianne Robinson, Membership Chair, Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis and Darryl Lockett, Executive Director, Kennedy King Memorial Initiative joined us today to tell us more about this event will positively impact a local nonprofit and how the community can take part.

Founded in 2006, Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis is a 501(c)(3) charitable women’s giving circle dedicated to awarding high impact grants totaling $100,000 or more to at least one nonprofit in the greater Indianapolis community in the areas of arts, culture and preservation; education; environment and animal welfare; family; and health and wellness.

The organization seeks to fund critical needs, new ventures, and innovative ways to solve social problems and to create a more civil and respectful climate in our community. Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis has a minimum of 100 members, each donating $1,000 per year to fund the grants.

The Kennedy King Memorial Initiative is a voluntary 501(c)3 organization based in Indianapolis that works to commemorate the historic speech delivered by Senator Robert F. Kennedy in Indianapolis on the night that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. The organization’s mission is to keep this unique moment in history alive and to leverage the message of Dr. King and Senator Kennedy to address issues of division and injustice experienced today.

What occurred here in Indianapolis on the back of a flatbed truck in 1968 is of national importance and the message Sen. Kennedy delivered on that night remains relevant today.

The end goal for the space is full site designation by the National Park Service , and the resources that accompany that, to ensure that this is a sustainable landmark for generations to come.

In lieu of the traditional awards celebration as the result of the coronavirus pandemic, the Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis 2020 Change-Maker winner will be named during a virtual event on July 14. Current members will cast their votes electronically following a seven-minute video presentation from each of the finalists.

To date, 17 local nonprofits have received $100,000 high-impact grants and 42 have received unrestricted, residual grants as a result of Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis’ collective giving.

The community can watch by signing up to receive the newsletter email notification, by watching on Facebook or on the Impact 100 website. You can also keep up with the organization on Twitter.

Kennedy King Memorial Initiative: