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IMS Museum opens two new exhibits

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is gearing up to unveil two exciting new exhibitions, “1956” and “Our Collection, Your Favorites.” Providing an exclusive preview, Jason Vansickle, the VP of Curation and Education, shared insights on these captivating displays. “1956” pays homage to the Museum’s origins, showcasing the first 13 vehicles ever exhibited and providing a comprehensive history of the institution.

On the other hand, “Our Collection, Your Favorites” empowers museum visitors to take on the role of curator by voting for their preferred cars to be showcased. After an online voting process earlier this year, the top 15 cars and accompanying collection items will be revealed when the exhibition opens. Car enthusiasts and visitors alike can’t wait to see if their favorite vehicles made the cut. The exhibitions will be open to the public starting from June 30.