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Inaugural Carmel Jazz Fest: Mr. Daniel sharing love for music with children

The vibrant and melodic Carmel Jazz Fest is set to feature the charismatic Mr. Daniel, a singer known for sharing his love of music with children through engaging performances. With an array of props and an enchanting aura, Mr. Daniel will take center stage, accompanied by the delightful Kids Zone.

On this musical journey with Mr. Daniel, families can expect an exceptional experience filled with singing, dancing, games, and the joys of music. Mr. Daniel’s performances not only encompass traditional children’s classics but also feature popular music, instilling concepts like beat, rhythm, pitch, melody, and tempo in little ones’ hearts. As a captivating children’s entertainer, he has graced more than 2,000 stages, bringing joy to over 20,000 children with his unique style of participatory entertainment.

With albums like “Mr. Daniel Feels the Love” and “Mr. Daniel Dreams of Unicorns,” he leaves an indelible mark on young hearts through catchy tunes and imaginative journeys. During his fun-filled shows, children are encouraged to jump, wiggle, play instruments, and even join Mr. Daniel on stage for an unforgettable musical adventure. For more information and to discover the magic of Mr. Daniel, visit and let the music fill your soul.