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Indiana 8 -year-old runs business reminding people, ‘You’re Cool’

8-year-old Lincoln Klepper of Brownsburg is a very cool kid, and he thinks you’re cool too!

Lincoln started his “You’re Cool” business last year, and since then, he’s learned all about community and giving back.

He joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” along with his mother, Nikki Klepper.

In 2021, at age 7 Lincoln drew his first “You’re Cool” design. Then for months he begged his parents to put his design on a T-Shirt, and they finally gave in! 

Lincoln’s mom and dad have been teaching him about business and most importantly, giving back. He has donated some of the profits to his school fundraisers, and the rest will go into his new bank account! 

“I created ‘You’re Cool’ because everyone is cool and cool looking,” Lincoln says.  

Their story has since been noticed by Indianapolis Colts player, Yannick Ngakoue, who purchased and wore a “You’re Cool” shirt to the Colts/Bucs game. a

Lincoln’s younger brother, Kash, is his assistant and biggest supporter.

Each order receives a free sticker and signed thank you from Lincoln. 

Currently, they have a giveback drawing for teachers through their Facebook page where people can nominate a local teacher to win a basket of school supplies and a free “You’re Cool” shirt. Lincoln will draw a winning name on Oct 1.

The “You’re Cool” team will also be attending some local festivals this fall where you can come by, say hi and get your gear!

Follow them on social media to find out when and where.

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Instagram: @yourecoolbylk 

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