Indiana Canine Assistant Network receives $1.5M gift

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Everyone, meet black lab pup, Christian.

He’s 13 weeks old and adorable.

As Indiana Canine Assistant Network celebrates 20 years, its President Jillian Ashton shared on “Life.Style.Live!” more about its recent gift and how it will be used to help grow the organization.

The gift will be used to invest in staffing and programming to reduce the wait time. People wait an average of 28 months, Jillian says. Their goal is to get to 12 months.

Jillian says in a statement: “We uniquely train service dogs in prisons throughout the state. Inmate handlers are selected and provided tools to learn the skill of service dog training. Mike and Judy Harrington presented The Indiana Canine Assistance Network (ICAN) with a generous gift of $1.5M. This gift will help expand the organization’s ability to place service dogs within Indiana. ICAN’s service dog training and placement program has enriched the lives of children and adults with disabilities as they discover a more independent, productive lifestyle. In addition, their partnership with incarcerated individuals during the training process helps provide inmate handlers with a new sense of hope and worth.”