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Indiana Miniature Equine Club to host horse show in Indy!

The upcoming AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association) show presented by the Indiana Minature Equine Club at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds Complex is generating excitement among horse enthusiasts. Joyse Banister, the show manager, joined us to discuss the event.

The Hendricks County Fairgrounds Complex, located just 30 minutes west of Indianapolis, provides a state-of-the-art equine facility spread across 110 acres.

The AMHA show will span two days, May 20-21, featuring a total of 172 classes. Participants can move in after noon on Friday to settle in before the event kicks off.

The show boasts two approved AMHA judges, including one who is a 2023 AMHA World Show Judge, ensuring a high standard of evaluation for the horses.

One of the highlights of the event is its affordability. The flat class fee per horse for the entire weekend is $150, making it accessible for participants. Clean restroom and shower facilities are conveniently located near the horse barn area for the comfort of exhibitors.

In addition to the thrilling competitions, the show offers a variety of engaging activities. There will be an exhibitor pizza party on Saturday for lunch, providing an opportunity for participants to socialize and enjoy delicious food.

Door prizes and a silent auction will add to the excitement, while a food vendor on the grounds throughout the weekend will ensure everyone is well-fed.

For those in need of accommodations, there are numerous shopping, lodging, and food establishments just minutes away from the fairgrounds.

To recognize outstanding performance, the show will present High Point Awards for various categories, including Halter Horse, Performance Horse, Driving Horse, Amateur Exhibitor, and Youth Exhibitor. This adds an extra element of competition and achievement to the event.

The AMHA show at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds Complex promises to be a thrilling and inclusive event, bringing together miniature horse enthusiasts for two days of competition, camaraderie, and fun. Visit the following link to find out more information: