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Indiana Owned business Windsor Jewelry helps turn old pieces into something new

Indiana Owned is on a mission to help you identify and support local businesses faster and easier!

Mel McMahon, Indiana Owned founder, joined us Wednesday on “Life.Style.Live!” along with Julie Baker of Windsor Jewelry to showcase the jewelry store which is known for its custom work and making something old new again! 

Indiana Owned members are business owners who want you to know they live, work and play here. They are the business owners donating food to shelters, sponsoring the little league teams and employing hundreds of thousands of people in our state.  

Every business on falls into one of two categories. They are either an “Original,” meaning the company is Indiana-owned and operated, headquartered here and not part of an out-of-state chain, or they are a “Franchise Friend,” meaning the franchise is Indiana-owned and operated, the owner lives here in Indiana and is engaged in our community. 

When you see the Indiana Owned badge, you know you are supporting a local business like this one: 

Windsor Jewelry 

Windsor Jewelry has served Indianapolis for over 100 years. Their long-term success is rooted in helping their customers make educated decisions. Walking into a jewelry store can be intimidating so the sales staff is ready to make you feel comfortable and to help you find the right piece of jewelry for yourself or that “special someone.” 

Sig Asher established Windsor Jewelry in 1919 to serve the rapidly growing city of Indianapolis. Herman Logan took over Windsor Jewelry in 1940. Greg Bires, a twenty-two year employee, purchased the store in 1998 and carries on the Windsor Jewelry tradition. The philosophy of service and value has carried them through the depression, World War II, and the decline and reinvigoration of downtown Indianapolis. 

Windsor Jewelry believes the relationship built with you today is the key to their business’s future.

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