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Indiana women develop cooling pajamas to help women with night sweats

Indiana women develop cooling pajamas to help women with night sweats

Do you wake up in night sweats? Have trouble staying cool? Tired of changing your pj’s every night?

Well, so were Laura Musall and Mindy Ford, Co-Founders of CoolRevolution PJs.

On today’s Indy Style, we meet the dynamic duo and learn their story behind creating the pajamas that are changing the way you sleep!

About Laura and Mindy & their story:

Annoyed with sleep-disturbing night sweats, which began in March 2018, and frustrated with what to wear to bed to stay cool, Laura decided to stop complaining and do something about it.

Laura, 53, of Fishers convinced long-time friend Mindy Ford, 51, of Lebanon that they should start a side business designing and selling sleepwear for women suffering from symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

The two – neither with a background in design or fashion – spent about a year researching fabric, testing designs and talking to women in their 40s, 50s and 60s who shared their own struggles with their changing body temperatures. They quickly learned they were not alone.

Women shared their own stories of struggling to stay cool at night. Some women had to change clothes in the middle of the night, one friend confessed she started wearing workout wear to bed thinking it would help, and they talked to one woman who started using a cooling dog bed to try to stay cool.

Hot flashes and night sweats are a big problem for a lot of women.

By the year 2020, more than 50 million women in the US will be 51 (the average age for the onset of menopause) or older, and 75 percent of those women will experience hot flashes, including night sweats.

Yet, even though so many women are experiencing night sweats, there aren’t a lot of non-pharmaceutical products on the market to help combat it.

Go to any department store, and you’ll find temperature-regulating clothing for men, but not for women. Many of the sleepwear products on the market are made of synthetic fabrics, which can actually cause you to sweat more. Many fashion brands also are only available in limited sizes, so if you wear an XL or larger, you’re out of luck. CoolRevolution is available in sizes small to XXXL.

Laura and Mindy consulted with medical experts and textile experts and came across a fabric made of bamboo, which has all the qualities they were looking for, plus more. It’s a natural fiber that keeps you cool when you get hot, and warm when you get cold. It is breathable, absorbs moisture, dries quickly and is antibacterial. Plus, it’s buttery soft against your skin.

While one of the benefits of the PJs is the fabric, the other is the design. As 50-something women, we are often frustrated with designs that seem either too young – we don’t want crop tops and tight-fitting pajamas – or designs that look like something our grandmas would wear. Yet, it’s yard to find pajamas made for our aging bodies.

Laura and Mindy designed the PJs to be everything they wanted, but couldn’t find. They are longer in the back to keep things covered up. The tops have a v-neck, which is flattering on all body tops. Tops are fitted in the shoulders and through the bust, then flare out slightly around the middle and hips. The sleeves are a little longer and roomier than most T-shirts. The pants and shorts have pockets deep enough for a mobile phone (something our customers keep telling us they love). Our goal was to design pajamas that you would be comfortable in and feel good about even if a neighbor or friend dropped by, or you are answering the door for the pizza delivery person.

Pajamas are made in a small, family-owned sewing shop in Chicago.

While most people think of people starting side hustles as millennials, Laura and Mindy decided not to let age stop them from starting a side business to themselves and women just like them who also are suffering from night sweats.

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