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Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra: Zodiac with Aaron Diehl

Aaron Diehl performing in Indy

We’re excited to have Matthew Kraemer, Music Director of the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, with us today to share some exciting insights.

For our out-of-town viewers, it’s worth noting that Aaron Diehl, the 2011 Jazz Winner of the American Pianists Awards, will be performing Mary Lou Williams’ Zodiac Suite alongside the ICO.

Mary Lou Williams, a prolific jazz composer and musician, left behind a remarkable legacy.

Aaron Diehl, along with Aaron Kimmel, has played a significant role in resurrecting and analyzing the orchestrated version of the Zodiac Suite.

In fact, Aaron Kimmel was featured on the newly released Zodiac Suite Album with the Knight’s Orchestra.

This concert marks the beginning of ICO’s 40th Anniversary Season and promises to connect audiences to the various zodiac signs through this classically influenced musical masterpiece.

ICO, a professional chamber orchestra, calls the Schrott Center for the Arts on Butler’s campus its home, where they continue to captivate audiences with their exceptional performances.