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Indianapolis woman receives 3-part makeover from Steve Harvey

We meet Holly Hathaway, an Indianapolis woman who received a 3-part makeover from Steve Harvey for a Fresh Start in 2015.

2014 had been one of the worst years yet for Holly Hathaway from Indianapolis, IN. She sought help from “Steve Harvey” in kicking off 2015 to make it one of her best years ever — and Steve Harvey came through BIG TIME!

Holly wrote to Steve saying she was nearing 50, single and broke, relocated for a dream job that didn’t pan out, totaled her car, ended up homeless for a month and to make matters even worse, she lost both her best friend and her grandmother in 2014. If anyone could use a fresh start in 2015, it was Holly!

Prior to 2014, Holly was in a great place. Her house was almost paid off, she had retired after being a public school teacher for more than 20 years, was starting a PhD program for speech communication so she could further her career, was sending her daughter off to college and for the first time, was able to really focus on herself.

She then got a call from a private high school in a big city, offering her a dream job as a theater teacher. She took a leap of faith, left the small town she’d lived in her entire life, bought a new house and moved for the job. It should have been the experience of a lifetime, but it didn’t play out how she imagined.

She couldn’t rent out her old house, so was carrying two mortgages. Within a month, the job turned part-time and her new house turned into a money pit, with black mold and a major roofing problem. She sent her dog back to live with her family and “couch surfed” at the homes of people she barely knew. In terms of her love life, Holly tells Steve that she hasn’t been on a proper date in 23 years!

He [Steve Harvey] was a super nice guy and took time with the audience between segments.”

Tune-in Monday (1/5) to see Steve Harvey’s three-step plan of attack for Holly.

Step one — a head-to-toe makeover, giving Holly a new look, but also giving her the confidence boost necessary to get back out there on the dating scene.

Step two – a financial boost! Steve reached out to NY Times bestselling author Alan Fox. In honor of his new book, “People Tools: 50 Strategies for Building Success, Creating Wealth, and Finding Happiness.” Tune in to see how they worked together to improve her year financially.

Step three – Steve found a great guy who fits all the criteria that Holly is looking for in a man, ready to take her out on a date!

If you want to see Holly’s ‘date,’ you can catch it on