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Indy area couple shares story of expecting ‘spontaneous triplets’

Hupp Family

Talk about a labor of love!

Kelly Hupp and her husband Nick always dreamed of having a big family someday… and they got it!

As Kelly explains, they had several bumps in their years of conceiving and ended up enduring five miscarriages between their three oldest children, Reese, 6, Roger, 4, and Ruby, 2.

“We wanted to try for our fourth and final babe to complete our family, she says, “and In July, we discovered we were pregnant!”

But that’s where their story takes a unique turn.

Kelly says, “When we went in for our first ultrasound, the sonographer revealed to us some shocking and exciting news: we were expecting TRIPLETS!”

TRIPLETS! Spontaneous triplets, at that. That means they conceived triplets without the aid of fertility treatments. The odds of that happening? Only about 1 in 8,100.

Kelly and Nick went from three to six kids (under the age of six) in a matter of months!

Some may call it chaos! They call it a blessing. And with help from their church and family and friends, they’re living out a dream.

“It really is the best,” they say.

And we agree!

Take one look at these sweet faces, and you know it’s all worth it.

Even more? It seems the oldest siblings are also the biggest helpers and adore their new roles. One key factor for the babies? Keeping their NICU routine. Kelly says “it was key.”

Now, the triplets (2 girls and one boy) are 7 months old. The girls are identical twins, so mom and dad had to get creative with how they sometimes tell them apart. Painting a toe nail was one idea!

And the adorable names? Tatum, Collins and Baker. So cute!

For Kelly and Nick, a labor of love, indeed, and an unexpected dream come true.