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Indy Dog Whisperer: Things to know before adopting a rescue dog

Welcome to Indy Dog Whisperer, where Nathan Lowe will enlighten you on the secrets of understanding and effectively communicating with rescue dogs. It’s crucial to grasp what these amazing animals truly need.

Rather than a mere “sense” of human love, they crave social stability and adventure. Sympathy, though well-intentioned, should not drive your decision to adopt. Visual or vocal expressions of sympathy may be perceived by canines as a display of lower rank. Instead, let your sympathy inspire you to provide firm and no-nonsense leadership, creating an environment of peace and security for your furry friend.

Always consider foster-to-adopt, as not every dog is the right fit for every family, and unexpected triggers or erratic behaviors can emerge once the dog is in your home. From day one, establish and enforce house rules to avoid undesirable behaviors that can surface in as little as two weeks.

Steer clear of high-pitched or animated vocalizations, which communicate distress or puppy needs. Teach the dog house rules pertaining to personal space, food, elevated places, guest greetings, and more. Compassion alone is insufficient; it must be accompanied by a commitment to instilling no-nonsense social rules that will provide the rescue with peace and the opportunity to live their best life. Indy Dog Whisperer is here to guide you on this transformative journey.