Indy Dog Whisperer: Tips to help your dog greet humans properly, without jumping

Many dog owners have an issue with their dog jumping up on them or others when greeting them. Nathan Lowe, the Indy Dog Whisperer, has a few tips to help your dog end this behavior.

1.  Be Calm

  • Avoid sudden reaction to the arrival of guests
  • Ignore dog on first contact (applies to both guests and family members)
  • Don’t “excite” toward the dog

2.  Use Appropriate Body Language

  • Hunch over slightly to prevent jumping
  • Step forward into the dog if they jump
  • “Claim” guests by inserting yourself between guest and dog if dog is excited

3.  “Settle” Before Petting

  • Petting an excited dog encourages jumping
  • Petting is “grooming” in the dog world, and only done when calm
  • Petting should only occur when both dog and person are settled

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