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Ivy Tech celebrates 30 years of an “Evening in Paris”

Ivy Tech celebrates 30 years of an “Evening in Paris”

Ivy Tech celebrates 30 years of an “Evening in Paris”

Ah, Paris! Spend an evening feeling like you’re in the city of romance without having to leave Indiana!

Instructor and Chef Alex Spicer at Ivy Tech’s Hospitality Administration Program, along with Student Alexa Hockemeyer, tell us more about the 30th Anniversary of “Evening in Paris.”

Ivy Tech celebrates 30 years of an “Evening in Paris”


This annual event is Ivy Tech Community College’s largest scholarship fundraiser.

Evening in Paris features a multi-course French meal completely planned and prepared by Hospitality Administration students, complete with wine pairings.

Chef Spicer will be preparing two of the menu items from this year’s event: a warm Brussel sprout salad and a grilled bavette steak

Proceeds from the event support scholarships for Ivy Tech students and fund a group of Hospitality Administration students on an experiential learning trip to France.

Limited tickets and sponsorships are still available at Last year’s event sold out, so buy your tickets now!

Warm Brussel Sprout Salad

Servings: 25 servings


5#           Brussel sprouts, bottoms trimmed with leaves separated

3#           fennel, sliced julienne

3#           haricot vert, cut on a bias 2 inch long

2#           yellow wax beans, cut on a bias 2 inch long

2#           zucchini, cut into large dice

1 tbl        garlic, minced

2 oz        wine, white

2 tbl.      Salt, Sea

1 t.          Black pepper, toasted fresh cracked

4 oz.       Butter, clarified

To Serve: Hold at about 140 – item can be served between 120 and 140


Steam off separately Brussel sprouts leaves 90 seconds, fennel 3 min, haricot vert and wax beans 4 min, zucchini 3 min, remove from steamer and shock in cold water.

Combine the chilled vegetables together, when ready to serve heat sauté pan with butter. 

Add in garlic, allow to cook for about 2 min, deglaze with wine, and add in vegetables to bring up to temperature.

Season with salt and pepper and finish with whole butter.  Hold until service.  Self-life under 25 minutes.

Ivy Tech celebrates 30 years of an “Evening in Paris”

Ivy Tech celebrates 30 years of an “Evening in Paris”

Sous Vide/Grilled Bavette Steak

Servings: 1 servings

Chef Spicer


1 tbl        butter, whole

1 sprig    Thyme, fresh

.5 tbl      Salt, Sea

.5 t.         Black pepper, ground

1 t.          mustard, dry

6 oz        Bavette/pub steak


Season steak with salt, pepper, and dry mustard powder. Place butter, thyme, and seasoned steak in a vacuum sealed bag.   Sous vide steak for 2 hours at 130 degrees.  Remove steaks from vacuum bags, grilled for 1 ½ minutes on each side, slice steak on bias, and serve.

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