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Jim Irsay Collection puts pieces on display

Get ready for a night of excitement as the Colts Kickoff Concert, in collaboration with The Jim Irsay Collection, descends upon Lucas Oil Stadium on September 8th. This evening promises a remarkable fusion of music, history, and sports. The Jim Irsay Collection, helmed by Chairman Larry Hall, brings to the forefront an array of artifacts and memorabilia that will leave you in awe.

For those tuning in from out of town, this is an event that transcends boundaries, offering a glimpse into an extraordinary collection that has graced museums across the nation.

From Irsay’s world-renowned guitar and instrument collection to historic and iconic artifacts from American history and popular culture, this exhibition is a true spectacle. Moreover, it boasts unique Colts artifacts and memorabilia, celebrating 40 seasons of excellence in Indianapolis.

Jim Irsay, known for his philanthropic endeavors, has transformed his collection into a “traveling museum,” bringing the treasures of his collection to cities like Nashville, Washington, D.C., Austin, Los Angeles, and beyond. The impact of this collection goes beyond showcasing the past; it is a testament to the fusion of art, history, and sports.

In this segment, Larry Hall, Chairman of The Jim Irsay Collection, will unravel the collection’s essence, highlighting recent additions, discussing the remarkable events held earlier this year in Boston and Vegas, and giving us a sneak peek into what’s new and different this year.

Mark your calendars for this incredible evening of music and history, as we prepare to celebrate not only the Colts’ kickoff but also the rich tapestry of American culture that The Jim Irsay Collection brings to life.