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June is National Pet Preparedness Month

Thomas Dock, the Director of Communications at Noah’s Animal Hospitals, joined the show to discuss Pet Preparedness Month, which takes place in June 2023.

Thomas emphasizes the importance of being prepared to take care of the whole family, including our furry friends, during severe weather events or the need to evacuate. He suggests starting with simple steps, such as having current pictures of your pets and copies of their rabies certificates and medical records. These measures will aid identification and reunification if you and your pet become separated during a disaster.

Thomas advises creating a separate pet evacuation kit with essentials like several days of dry and canned food, water, bowls, paper towels, trash bags, liquid soap, and a supply of any necessary medications. He encourages pet owners to research pet-friendly shelters and hotels in advance and recommends having leashes, collars, carriers (for cats), and crates (for dogs) for containment and restraint. Thomas also highlights the importance of microchipping and updating the information in the microchip company’s database.

He concludes by reminding viewers to visit their local shelter if their pet goes missing during a disaster and shares that Indianapolis is the first city in the nation to have a Domestic Animal Response Team (DART), which provides temporary shelter for pets affected by housefires or accidents. Pet owners are encouraged to be proactive and plan ahead to keep their entire family together in times of crisis.