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Juszina Maria’s Catering Studio brings creole flavors to Indianapolis

Juszina Maria’s Catering Studio: A taste of New Orleans in Indy

Juszina Maria’s Catering Studio, once known as Classy Diva Caters, has a new name and a fresh focus. The catering studio now highlights Creole cuisine and dishes with bourbon flavors.

This change comes from a desire to fill a gap in the variety of Creole food available in Indianapolis.

“Our goal is to bring our deep passion and soulful flavors to the city,” Chef Juszina Maria, CEO of the catering studio, said. “We want our clients to feel like they’re having a party in their mouth with every bite.”

Juszina Maria’s Catering Studio doesn’t just serve food. They also host workshops, including food and wine pairing sessions, cooking classes, and baking classes for seniors.

Chef Juszina Maria recently appeared on our show to demonstrate some of her new dishes.

She made Fried Cabbage with Tri-Color Bell Peppers and Onions, Blackened Catfish Étouffée, and Southern Style Shrimp and Grits with Smoked Gouda and Bourbon-Infused Hickory Bacon Crumbles.

She also shared her journey into the culinary world and provided information on how people can learn more about her and the studio’s upcoming events.

For more information about Juszina Maria’s Catering Studio and its events, visit their website or follow them on social media.