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Keys to balancing your job and children’s unusual schedules during COVID-19

With schools starting, we’ve heard a lot about how working parents will have to balance their jobs with managing their children’s unusual schedules. A recent survey shows 83% are concerned or extremely concerned.

So what should employers and bosses be doing to help their workers manage these challenges – especially since this crisis has lasted longer than most people expected and many employees have used up their paid time off and emergency leave?

Megan Nail, Vice President of Total Rewards Practice with First Person and state director of Indiana Society of Human Resources Management says the KEY is compassion and flexibility. She shares a few tips that can work for both the employer AND the boss.

1) Look at leave of absence options (Emergency Leave, Expanded leave and unpaid leave)
2) Allow flexible daily schedules
3) Offer windowed work (an example of a flexible daily schedule)
4) Suggest creative options such as shared childcare or co-op e-learning sites

• We’re seeing some innovative ideas. For example, the Indianapolis Art Center is re-purposing an outbuilding to serve as an e-learning space for the children of employees. Art Center employees are bringing their kids to work with them and share the task of supervising them in this dedicated space. It ensures children are monitored and also frees up employees who need to concentrate and do meetings so they don’t have to constantly monitor their kids’ e-learning.

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