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Kicking off Women’s Health Month

May is Women’s Health Month, a time to focus on the unique challenges facing women and the importance of maintaining good health.

To celebrate this important month, Dr. Jessica Shepherd, OB/GYN, Women’s Health Expert, joined us to answer questions and share information about some unique women’s health products.

Along with Dr. Shepherd’s insights, she also featured some great women’s health products courtesy of FitRight Fresh Start, Arnicare, and Align Probiotic. These products are designed to help women feel their best, from relieving menstrual cramps to supporting healthy digestion and more.

Tune in and join Dr. Jessica Shepherd for an informative and inspiring conversation about women’s health. Whether you’re looking for tips to stay healthy or interested in learning about some unique women’s health products, this segment is not to be missed.

For more information on Dr. Shepherd, visit her website at, and don’t forget to take care of yourself this Women’s Health Month!