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Kid-ing with Kayla: Taking young kids to an NFL game

Kid-ing with Kayla: Taking kids to NFL games

Allan, age 4, is probably not ready to fully appreciate an NFL game but I took him anyway and don’t regret it. Why? Well, you can watch the video to see for yourself!

While you may need to set your expectations, I’m glad we have this memory together. Seeing his eyes light up at the sight of Lucas Oil Stadium was well worth carrying him to the car and telling him to sit on his bottom ten times.

If you’re a die-hard football fan, I don’t recommend bringing young kids. They will likely ask to walk around, go to the bathroom, get candy at the concession, and explore the pro shop! I think I may have gotten to watch only a handful of plays.

I was also busy recording some memorable moments like my son dancing, reacting to the first touchdown, and clapping just because everyone else clapped. He doesn’t understand football yet but he did enjoy the loud cheering, music, and mascot.

I do have some tips for parents looking to brave an NFL game with young children! I’ll list them below.

  • Bring a clear bag full of snacks
  • Set expectations early by showing them what a football game looks like and how to behave
  • Play “I spy” when they get bored (I did this with the team mascot)
  • Be prepared to walk around and not stay in your seats the whole time
  • Let them know whether you’re willing to buy something at the gift shop before entering and stick to that limit
  • Don’t expect to watch too much of the game
  • Bring a change of clothes in the event of accidents or spills
  • Don’t get too nice of seats as you probably won’t be in them for long
  • Don’t arrive too early to minimize the time spent at the game
  • Be prepared to leave the game early if the child is no longer enjoying the experience

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