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KIPP Indy Legacy High School prepares students for excellence

KIPP Indy Legacy High School has established itself as a beacon of educational excellence since its inception in 2019, and this year marks a historic moment as the school celebrates its first-ever graduating class in 2023.

This milestone reflects the success of KIPP Indy’s K-12 pathway, providing students with a solid foundation for academic achievement.

The dedication and hard work of the seniors are evident, as 100% of those who have been with KIPP Indy since 5th grade are on track to graduate.

These accomplished seniors have received an impressive total of 290 acceptances to both public and private colleges/universities, amounting to over $1.3 million in academic scholarships.

Our hosts were joined by two outstanding 12th-grade students, Jahdyn Haynes and Adrian McNeal, who shed light on the graduation details, their experiences at KIPP Indy Legacy High, and their plans for the future.

With the graduation ceremony taking place on Thursday, May 18, we eagerly anticipate hearing from our guests about their high school journey, what they will miss, and their exciting aspirations beyond graduation.