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Local duo creates children’s book, ‘Thank You Day,’ celebrating gratitude for nature

New Children’s Book: ‘Thank You, Day!’

In a collaboration between local award-winning illustrator Penelope Dullaghan and first-time children’s book author Charlie Hopper, “Thank You Day” takes young readers on a heartwarming journey through a young girl’s gratitude for the natural world that surrounds her.

The story follows a little girl as she meticulously thanks each element of her yard for their contributions to a beautiful day.

This enchanting children’s picture book not only celebrates gratitude but also encourages readers to appreciate the wonders of the natural world.

Kirkus Reviews praises the book, stating, “While children are often taught to show gratitude for people and things, this book provides space for reveling in the natural world and the bounty therein. A lovely opportunity to stop and smell the roses—and say thank you.”

Charlie Hopper’s inspiration for “Thank You Day” sprouted during the pandemic when he went on a social media journey, posting daily “journal entry” photos during quarantine.

What started as a week-long endeavor turned into an impressive 574-day streak. One day, amidst the challenge of finding new subjects to feature, he posted an image of a tree, a cloud, and the blue sky, captioned with a simple “Nice work today, everybody.”

This small act of gratitude sparked an idea: What if a child expressed gratitude to the elements of their yard?

Charlie penned a draft of the book and shared it with his friend Penelope Dullaghan, a renowned children’s book illustrator they had met during their time at the local ad agency Young & Laramore.

Penelope’s enthusiasm led to the book’s journey to publication, culminating in the release of “Thank You Day” just after Labor Day, inviting children and families to discover the joy of thanking nature.

You can explore the book at this link: