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Mabel Grace Crafts: Nature-inspired designs

Grace Simmons, the talented owner of Mabel Grace Crafts, joined us to showcase a variety of beautiful handmade items, including jewelry, custom blankets, and totes. With a passion for creativity and craftsmanship, Simmons demonstrated the art of wire wrapping a pendant, providing an interactive and engaging experience for viewers.

For out-of-town viewers, Simmons will share details about her website, where she offers nationwide shipping. She will highlight her specialty in creating custom pet portraits, inviting viewers to have a unique portrait of their beloved furry friends. Additionally, she will discuss her ability to create custom baby blankets, allowing viewers to learn how they can order personalized and cherished items for their little ones.

Simmons’s journey as a crafter began in childhood, and she has since nurtured her passion and transformed it into a thriving business. Despite the challenges that came with the pandemic, Grace’s dedication and creativity continued to flourish, leading her to explore different mediums such as gemstones and digital art. With her 1.5-year-old son as a driving force, she has adapted her craft to accommodate her new role as a mother, proving that determination and resilience are at the core of her success.

Join Grace Simmons of Mabel Grace Crafts as she shares her artistic journey, showcases her latest creations, and offers viewers the opportunity to learn more about her custom pet portraits and baby blankets. Prepare to be inspired by her passion for creativity and her unwavering commitment to her craft.