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Man vs. Food Star Adam Richman shares his love for Pepperoni Pizza

National Pepperoni Pizza Day

He usually goes one-on-one with food, but now he’s going one-on-one with our own Amber Hankins!

Adam Richman, TV personality, culinary traveler, cook and author, chats with Amber about his love for pepperoni pizza and National Pepperoni Pizza Day, which just happens to be tomorrow, September 20th!

Whether you’re a fan of Chicago-style deep dish or an ultra-thin NYC slice, pepperoni has always been America’s favorite pizza topping. And apparently, it’s a favorite of Adam’s, too!

As it turns out, Adam is a self-proclaimed pepperoni pizza fanatic. He tells Amber how you can purchase pepperoni pizza-themed and inspired products via a new online pop-up shop. The shop is filled with everything the ultimate pepperoni pizza fan would need and might have never thought about, including a custom set of pepperoni pizza-themed rims for your car, a crossbody bag to carry a slice of pepperoni pizza, wearables, home décor and much much more. 

Pepperoni Pizza

About Adam Richman:

Adam Richman, TV personality, culinary traveler, cook and author was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.. With the diverse culinary mecca of New York City at his fingertips, Adam’s love affair with and intense interest in food and food culture developed at an early age. Adam is widely known as the host of one of the Travel Channel’s highest rated shows, “Man v. Food.” In 2022, Adam debuted the HISTORY Channel series, “Adam Eats the 80s,” a new and nostalgic food-focused series that has him reliving his favorite decade and foods of all time. He is the host of “Modern Marvels” and a contributing expert to “Food That Built America”. 

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