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Medical Mutts celebrates service dog graduation

Meet Chai, a rescued dog who was once abused and neglected, left outside chained during a freezing winter. Fortunately, he was rescued and taken to Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) where Medical Mutts spotted him and saw his potential to become a great service dog despite his past.

Today, Chai and his owner, Kathleen Simmons, from Missouri, and Kelsey Burton, Director of Development at Medical Mutts, joined us to share their story and shed light on the mission of this incredible organization.

Medical Mutts is a non-profit organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana, that trains service dogs to help individuals with various disabilities. Their mission is to rescue hard-to-adopt dogs and to provide job opportunities for individuals with disabilities by training them as service dog handlers.

Through their innovative training program, Medical Mutts can train dogs to alert their owners to medical conditions such as seizures, low blood sugar, and even cancer.

For those interested in learning more about Medical Mutts and their incredible work, visit their website at Through their rescue and training program, they are not only giving hard-to-adopt dogs a second chance at life but also providing a new sense of independence and freedom to individuals with disabilities.