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Memorial Day eats with Annessa RD

In this cooking segment featuring Annessa Chumbley, a registered dietitian, and nutritionist, two delicious recipes are showcased: Cheeseburger Kabobs with Dill Pickle Sauce and Mimi’s Famous Baked Beans.

The first recipe, Cheeseburger Kabobs, starts with grass-fed ground beef mixed with dried onion, garlic powder, salt, and Worcestershire sauce. The meat is formed into balls and grilled until seared on both sides. After sprinkling Worcestershire sauce over the meatballs, they are left to rest. The most delicious sauce ever is prepared by combining light mayonnaise, plain Greek yogurt, dill pickle juice, yellow mustard, and celery seed.

To assemble the kabobs, a meatball is skewered, followed by a pickle, cheese cube, tomato, another pickle, cheese cube, tomato, and a second meatball. The kabobs are served immediately with the sauce.

Pro tips for the Cheeseburger Kabobs include fully searing the meatballs on the grill before flipping them and making the sauce in advance for enhanced flavors.

The second recipe, Mimi’s Famous Baked Beans, is a family favorite that receives numerous requests. It calls for large and small cans of Van Camp’s pork and beans, dark brown sugar, ketchup, sweet onions, and bacon.

The beans are poured into a baking dish, excess juice is drained, brown sugar is crumbled over the beans, and ketchup is generously added and gently mixed. The onions, quartered, are placed on top of the beans, and strips of raw bacon are laid across them. Additional brown sugar is crumbled over each onion. The dish is baked until bubbly, the bacon is cooked, and the onions are tender.

Mimi’s Famous Baked Beans can be baked at 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the desired cooking time.

These two recipes presented by Annessa Chumbley offer flavorful options for cookouts, potlucks, or any occasion where delicious food is enjoyed.