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Metastatic breast cancer awareness day recognizes most advanced stage of breast cancer

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — October is national breast cancer awareness month, and Oct. 13 is metastatic breast cancer day, which recognizes the most advanced stage of breast cancer.

Today on Indy Style, we received a special breast cancer update from someone living with metastatic breast cancer and a top medical expert.

Pam Kohl has been living with metastatic breast cancer for four and a half years and works with the Susan G. Komen MBC Collaborative Initiative. We heard about what her experience has been like, and about the efforts of Susan G. Komen. Her advice to other women was to find a doctor you can partner with to make decisions on how to have a better quality of life with this disease.

Dr. Jeremy force is medical oncologist at Duke University Cancer Center and professor at Duke University School of Medicine. He told us that 44,000 women are diagnosed with this deadly disease annually. Unfortunately there are no cures for metastatic breast cancer, but Susan G. Komen is working very hard to make strides to increase patient quality of life.