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Nap or Nothing opens clothing shop


We are thrilled to have Colton Howard, the host of “Creating Style with Colton,” on the show. Joining him is Antonio Maxie, the owner, and creator of Nap Or Nothing, an Indianapolis-based brand that expresses culture through clothing design. During the segment, Maxie brought in clothes from their shop for display and for the hosts to wear.

Howard and Maxie discussed other initiatives in the pipeline for Nap Or Nothing, such as upcoming collaborations, events, or product launches. It’s an opportunity to showcase the brand’s future plans and give viewers a glimpse of what they can expect.

To shop with Nap Or Nothing, viewers can visit their website at The website provides a convenient platform for exploring their collections, making purchases, and staying updated on the latest releases and news from the brand.

For more information about Nap Or Nothing and their unique approach to clothing design, viewers can check out their social media channels and website. The assets for the segment can be found at the following link:

Don’t miss the insightful conversation between Colton Howard and Antonio Maxie as they discuss style, culture, and the exciting offerings from Nap Or Nothing. Get ready to be inspired by the fusion of fashion and expression during this segment of “Creating Style with Colton.”