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National Shower With A Friend Day

Winter is the coldest and loneliest season of the year. With dwindling daylight and Valentine’s Day at its heart, February can often leave people feeling dejected and somber. National “Shower with a Friend Day” injects a bit of humor into the season while also serving to educate people on the benefits conserving water. Jack Hope, from Hope Plumbing offers ways to conserve water today and every day.Ways you can save water now:

When you shower, cut out 2 to 3 minutes from of your total shower time in a day. It adds up to a big number.

When shaving turn the water on, get the razor wet then turn the water off


Install a low flow shower head. It takes the average gallons used for your shower from 2 1/2 to 1/2 a gallon a minute.

If you feel your really need the strong show, you can install a quick on/off shut off valve that can cut the water down while you lather up

Most of these are relatively inexpensive and you don’t need a plumber to put them in.

I don’t think philosophy is there to provide answers, it’s really like to clarify the questions. ” Jack Hope

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