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New Bath Today offers the ultimate bathing experience

New Bath: Free consultation

New Bath Today is dedicated to enhancing your bathing experience with our range of exceptional bath solutions. Joining us today is Mike Rouzer, the Sales Manager of New Bath Today, to tell us all about it!

They proudly feature shower wall systems, tub-to-shower conversions, walk-in tubs, and bathtubs crafted by KOHLER®.

These premium products offer customers an array of outstanding benefits.

When these bath solutions are installed in your home, you’ll appreciate the efficiency of a quick one-day installation process, which minimizes disruption compared to a full bathroom remodel.

At New Bath Today, they understand the importance of providing top-quality bath products. That’s why they’ve chosen KOHLER® as their trusted partner.

Their commitment to your satisfaction is reflected in the convenience and value these solutions bring to your home.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish shower upgrade, a tub-to-shower conversion, or enhanced accessibility with a walk-in tub, they’re here to transform your bathing space with the best products in the industry.