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New study reveals over half of employees considering job change for better health benefits

Open enrollment and the workforces report

Just in time for health care open enrollment, a just-released annual study has sent shockwaves through the workforce, revealing that more than half of employees are seriously considering looking for a new job in pursuit of better health benefits.

This revelation underscores the growing importance of healthcare benefits in the labor market, with individuals increasingly prioritizing their well-being when making career decisions.

One of the top financial experts in the nation, Winnie Sun, is joining us today to shed light on this critical issue.

Known as “The Wealth Whisperer,” Winnie Sun is not only the host of the podcast “Yes Factor with Winnie Sun” but also the face of the NASDAQ show “Level Up with Winnie Sun.”

She’s here to share the eye-opening details of the 2023-2024 Aflac Workforces Report.

Want to learn more details about this report? Take a look at the full interview above.