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New York Times best selling author releases book to help navigate grief


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)- Kris Carr is a New York Times best selling author.

She has been living with stage IV cancer for more than 20 years. Over that time Carr says she has learned a lot about how to take care of herself and look at life. Now, she want’s to share that mindset with others.

Carr has released a new book titled “I’m Not a Mourning Person”.

The book tackles a lot of things. Specifically, what to expect when you’re not expecting life to fall apart.

Carr says it’s all about picking up the pieces. Wallowing in sadness or self deprecation isn’t the answer, but rather finding something to live for.

She was diagnosed with stage IV cancer on Valentine’s Day 2003. In that moment, she decided it was time to take care of herself in a multitude of ways. She began focusing on her physical health, but also her mental and spiritual health.

Carr has also been featured by Oprah Winfrey in O Magazine. The magazine referred to her as a “force of nature”.

She now focuses on taking that positive energy and shares it with others.

Carr now lectures at hospitals, universities, and corporations in hopes of helping others pick themselves up and keep moving.