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NHRA driver Antron Brown is gearing up for the 2023 season

When one walks into Antron Brown’s spacious Brownsburg garage, they are struck by how clean the place is. The darkened corners and oil puddles of a racing garage’s bygone era don’t exist here. The place even smells clean. It is as if the polished metals on Brown’s top fuel dragster are giving off a fragrance of unsullied steel and chrome. The garage is every bit as organized as it is clean. As the AB Motorsports crew removes one motor and replaces it with another, nobody is searching for a socket wrench or pliers. Everything is precisely where it’s supposed to be.

“We just put the work in,” says Antron Brown as he stands beside his top fuel dragster adorned with an understated new paint job. “We had a new operation last year. We had to work out all the bugs and iron out all the wrinkles.”

2022 was Brown’s first season as the owner of his own motorsports company. The team got off to a slow start but overcame earlier setbacks. Brown chalked up victories in Topeka, Indianapolis, and Charlotte to come within a breath of claiming the NHRA championship. This year’s car has passed all of the demanding tests the team has put it through. Brown is optimistic, and so too is his crew chief, Brian Corradi.

“We have a good Karma going on, on the team, it seems like this year,” says Corradi allowing a hint of confidence to play on his determined face and thin-lipped smile. “We really had a good test session.”

The NHRA season kicks off March 9th in Gainesville, Florida with Antron Brown marked as one of the top-ranked drivers.

You can connect with Antron Brown on Facebook here.