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Noticing the signs of grief in children with Ezra Speaking and Gail McGinty

Today we had our friends Ezra and Gail McGinty, GriefShare Co-Facilitator, to help parents who may have a grieving child.

They then shared the story of Tucker Swain, a child who unfortunately passed away due to a tragic accident.

Tucker was involved in sports. He was on school teams and travel leagues. Without a doubt, Tucker was an amazing kid, and his passing affected his family, teachers, classmates, teammates, and friends.

The community supported the Swain family during their time of grief.

Baseball teams all over the state and country rallied for Tucker with the hashtag #Rallyfor12, put #12 stickers on their baseball helmets, the #12 painted on baseball diamonds, #12 shirts, kids painting #12 on their faces, and donated money.

For more information on how to help your child grieve an impactful loss, visit