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Nursing momma goat at Indiana State Fair just ‘gets me!’

(Photo from Video Aired on News 8's "Live.Style.Live!")

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — I didn’t know her name, but I knew the expression on her face all too well.

A momma goat just had her babies only weeks ago.

On Friday morning, as I went live from the Indiana State Fair, I saw her kids ever so forcefully tugging underneath her to get their breakfast for the day.

“I know what this momma feels like right now,” I believe I said out loud on TV.

Because with a 7-month-old breastfeeding baby at home, “Oh, how I can relate!”

The tugging, the pulling … all of it! And we mommas take a deep breath and just let our babies do their thing.

In case you missed the clip, here’s a snippet.

As I watched this momma goat in hilarious admiration, I’m reminded of the tiny voice from Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” when puppy Rolly is always hungry.

Do you remember that?

“I’m hungry mother, I’m hungry,” he would always say.

If you don’t know the clip, look it up! It’s adorable.

Speaking of adorable, this little guy.

(WISH Photo/Amber Hankins)

My son Brigham just turned 7 months old, and I’ve been nursing him since he was born.

I nursed my daughter Avery when she was a baby, and, also, my son Ledger.

Any breastfeeding momma will tell you, it’s no joke. It’s a job. Much like pumping. And as a full-time employee, I have the joy of doing both. (insert sarcasm here!)

When I do get home from work, my own little “kid” awaits me.

Like nursing momma goat, this is what awaits.

Motherhood is a powerful mix of so many thoughts and feelings.

It raw. It’s emotional. It’s funny. It’s exhausting. Truly, it’s every emotion you can experience, all at once.

And did I mention? It’s the best.

Breastfeeding is a journey. A sometimes long journey. You give up so much of yourself to tend to your baby’s needs. But, you keep on keeping on.

Today, momma goat just got me, and I got her.

I may not know her name, but all it took was a look. to know that we’re both in this together.