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Ocean Prime Celebrates National Seafood Month

Ocean Prime Indianapolis

Ocean Prime maintains its stellar reputation by sourcing over 150 pounds of fresh seafood daily.

In an interview with Allie Alwine, Assistant General Manager, and Executive Chef Carlos Alaniz, they unveiled their secret to delivering the freshest seafood experiences.

In honor of National Seafood Month in October, Ocean Prime offers the tantalizing “Oysters 3-Ways” special, featuring Oysters on the Half Shell with Calabrian chili lime granita, Oysters Royale with caviar and lime zest, and Baked Oysters with smoked bacon and red pepper butter.

Chef Carlos will demonstrate the preparation of these delectable dishes on-air, showcasing their dedication to impeccable freshness.

Ocean Prime invites seafood enthusiasts to dive into a month-long celebration of extraordinary flavors and top-notch ingredients.

Celebrating National Seafood Month with Ocean Prime