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‘On the Aisle’ with Tom Alvarez: ‘Sanctuary City’

Join Tom Alvarez, the seasoned contributor of “On The Aisle,” as he shares his top picks for exciting cultural events happening in Indianapolis. From now until October 24th, don’t miss “Sanctuary City” at the American Lives Theatre, a captivating performance that promises to resonate deeply. On September 15th and 18th, experience the incredible talent of Heather Headley with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, a musical event sure to leave you in awe. For those with a taste for thought-provoking theater, “Seeking Nietzsche” by the Southbank Theatre Company runs through September 24th at And if you’re up for some laughs and great music, catch “Grumpy Old Men, The Musical” at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre until October 10th. Finally, mark your calendar for a delightful evening with the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra at Holliday Park on September 8th, where admission is free, and the music is bound to lift your spirits. Tom’s picks offer a diverse range of entertainment options for everyone in Indianapolis to enjoy.